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Bringing the Beauty of the Bahamas to Xplane11

Modeled With Precision using Blender

On all of our projects, we use the very best modeling and texturing tools to ensure the most realistic looking sceneries and objects.

We use Blender to create all our objects from scratch, then each object is painstakingly textured using a combination of Photoshop and Blender. The results are spectacular!

We use satellite imagery for accurate placement of custom objects. This along with actual images gives us the most accurate creation of the scenery.


Hand Placed 3D Trees

A variety of Coconut palm trees and pine trees has been 3D modeled and hand-placed in our sceneries. 



From street traffic to busy airports to animated people, we want the best emersion that feels as real as it gets.


Photoreal Ground Texture

We start with Ortho imagery for a base and then we use custom ground textures to enhance the look of our sceneries.


HDR Night Lighting

Night lighting is KEY for a great night landing and taxi to gate. For realism, we follow lighting from images and satellite imagery to accurately place light poles and create night lighting textures.

About Us & Why We are
The Best At What We Do

As a flight sim enthusiast myself, I got tired of not finding the airports I wanted to fly too. When I did find them, they were either too expensive or poorly made. So I created Clear Prop Simulation to add more value to the simulation community with airports that were hard to find starting with airports from the Bahamas.

Clear Prop Simulations is new to this market but we hope to grow to be your favorite goto for quality addons for your flight-sim experience.

Starting with just a few airports in the Bahamas, we have a long list of projects lined up to be released as we continue to grow our community. The great news is we also have a list of freeware airports that will be available for download directly from this website.

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

MYAM Marsh Harbour Abaco

MYAM is another stunning release of airports in the Bahamas to explore.

MYLS Stella Maris

Stella Maris airport in Long Island Bahamas. Is a beautiful private airport in the northern part of the island

MYGF Freeport Intl

MYGF is as close to the real things as it gets. This is the airport as it was before the hurricane of 2018.

MYEN Norman’s Cay Airport

This gorgeous landing strip in the Exuma Island chain is almost ready for touchdown.


Just purchased freeport intl and WOW!! Well done sir, I love the details on terminal and now I can finally fly into the Caribbean and have a great airport to land on. Thank you! 

Cpt Greg

Man Stella Maris looks good. I’m about to buy MYGF after seeing the quality of Stella Maris. Thank you for these sceneries and can’t wait for whatever you’re working on now.

FS Pilot

We're passionate about creating free and premium high-quality airports and addons for your flight simulator experience.



Coming Soon

About Clear Prop Simulation




Any questions about the scenery or website, please reach out to us by sending us an email at the address below.